Minnesota Wire Registers Its Eighth Patent

The experts in aerospace, military, and medical cables have confirmed the latest development for its carbon nanotube wire.

One of America’s leading experts in the field of industrial, medical, and aerospace wire manufacturing announced the official registration of an eighth patent relating to its revolutionary carbon nanotube aerospace wire.

Taking Light Weight Cables To Even Greater Heights

Nearly a decade after first filing the patent for wire back in 2012, Minnesota Wire completed its eighth patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to build further developments on the revolutionary aerospace wire best known for light weight construction, high temperature properties and contributing to reducing launch costs.

The carbon nanotube-based cabling, which was invented by Thomas Kukowski and Mike Matuszewski, has a conductive core configured from a first strand of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and a copper coating surrounding the strand of CNTs along a length of the cable. A first layer of shielding is created from CNTs and copper to surround the first core along the length of the cable while a second shielding is configured from CNTs and copper to surround the first shielding. A protective jacket then surrounds the second shielding along the length of the cable.

A further nine points are claimed within Minnesota Wire’s latest CNT wire patent to cover several features including an insulator configured between the first core and the first shielding, as well as the use of silver in all instances where the initial patent covers copper.

The technologies include unique raw materials like conductors that stretch, carbon nanotubes, and other carbon-based materials. These carbon-based materials, including CNT, are used for weight savings, temperature extremes, and high vibration applications. This makes the wire perfectly suited to high-end wire and cable assemblies used in Medical Devices, Aerospace, Robotics, and Military applications.

An eighth patent gives Minnesota Wire greater positioning within the cabling industry by creating increased versatility for all of the industries mentioned above. The weight savings in particular will help promote reduced carbon emissions and operational costs, especially for applications relating to aircraft and military vehicles.

Minnesota Wire became AS9100 (aerospace) certified in 2016. In addition, the company’s CNT cables passed deep space testing specifications. CNT wire brought major performance improvements and design versatility since first being developed over a decade ago. Thanks to this latest patent, it will continue to raise the standards in a new and exciting era for Minnesota Wire.

About Minnesota Wire

Minnesota Wire is one of America’s leading award-winning experts in cutting-edge wire technology and boasts a rich history in the industry tracing back to 1967 and the Wagner Consultants Corp (WCC). The company provides life-saving connections for businesses in the medical, defense, aerospace, and industrial fields.

Through its groundbreaking engineering and continued commitment to R&D, the company continues to change the face of custom wire and cable manufacturing in the U.S. and beyond.