About Minnesota Wire

Our History


WCC Formed

Fred Wagner forms Wagner Consultants Corp. (WCC) as a manufacturers representative firm for general use electrical components.

MWCC Formed

Minnesota Wire & Cable Corp. (MWCC) is formed and incorporated.


Precut Wire

WCC adds precut wire and cable to it’s product line.

The Merger

WCC merges with Minnesota Wire & Cable Corp. to become Minnesota’s first manufacturer of retractile cords. Management makes the strategic decision to focus its efforts and resources on the medical industry.


Distribution Begins

MWCC begins the distribution and processing of wire and cable.

Molding Machinery

MWCC purchase their first of twenty molding machines.


In-House Tooling

MWCC creates its own molds & tools and begins in-house tool and die manufacturing.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration was completed with the purchase of its first of five extrusion lines and auxiliary equipment.


Eau Claire Facility

MWCC began operations in Eau Claire WI with the purchase of a 4,800 sq. ft. building.

Saint Paul Facility

MWCC expands its operation by purchasing its current 28,000 sq. ft. facility in Saint Paul.


Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner takes over as President of MWCC.

Business Person of the Year

Fred Wagner is named Business Person of the Year by the Minnesota Family Business Council.


Eau Claire Expansion

MWCC expands its Eau Claire operation by purchasing an additional 44,000 sq. ft. building.


MWCC creates Minnesota Med-Equip (MME) a wholly owned subsidiary. MME becomes an international exporter of new, used and re-manufactured medical equipment.


Leadership Training

MWCC launches extensive leadership and communication training program.

Shipping Record

MWCC has record shipping month in October of $982.033.


Sales Record

MWCC books record sales in December of $1,077,000.

Pulse Oximeter Launch

MWCC/MME launches pulse oximeter sensor product line at Medica Tradeshow.


ISO 9001 Certification

MWCC ISO 9001 certification process begins. Participative departmental strategic plans are implemented company-wide.

CE Certificate

MWCC/MME receives CE certificate (European Conformity) for pulse oximeter sensor product line.


Bramstead Surgical, Inc.

MWCC acquires Bramstead Surgical, Inc. to provide in-house surgical instrument repair capabilities.

Governor’s International Trade Award

Paul Wagner honored with the Governor’s International Trade Award.


Record Breaking Year

MWCC has record-breaking year with 20% sales growth.


Paul J. Wagner named CEO.


First U.S. Army Contract

MWCC receives its first Land Warrior contract from the U.S. Army.

Defense Alliance

MWCC forms Defense Alliance to network and expand the defense industry job and technology base of the Upper Midwest.


Another Award

Defense Alliance receives the Veteran Small Business of the Year award.

Tibbetts Award

MWCC receives Tibbetts Award from SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) for its Research and Development work.


Eau Claire Expansion

MWCC expands its operation in Eau Claire by moving into a 60,000 sw. ft. facility.

New Chairman

Paul J. Wagner named Chairman of MWCC.


Small Business of the Year Award

MWCC receives Small Business of the Year Award.

Veteran’s Day BBQ

MWCC holds its first Veteran’s Day BBQ in Eau Claire to honor our US Veterans.


Paragon Economic Impact Award

MWCC receives the Paragon Economic Impact Award in Eau Claire.


MWCC creates Minnovate to lead its Research & Development initiatives.


Entrepreneur of the Year

Paul Wagner receives Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young.

Veteran Employer Award

MWCC receives the Medium Sized Veteran Employer Award.


WCTI Technical Acheivement Award

MWCC receives the Wire & Cable Technology International’s WCTI Technical Achievement Awards for major practical technical developments that have improved the way wire and cable is made.

Entrepreneur of the Year

MWCC receives the Entrepreneur of the Year Upper Midwest Technology Award.


US Patent

MWCC receives US Patent for its Elastromeric Conductor & Shield Fault Detection.

MRAP Order

MWCC receives $5.5 million order for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) wire and harness components – completes order and delivers in twelve weeks.


Rapid Innovation Funding

MWCC receives first Rapid Innovation Funding grant for $2.4 million.


MWCC files for a US Patent for the development of iSTRETCH – a wire that can stretch up to 40% with no loss of conductivity.


Patent Application

MWCC submits Patent application for CNT Elastomeric PHM (Prognostic Health Management) – currently in review.

Minnesota Honoree Award

Defense Alliance receives Progress Minnesota Honoree Award.


AS9100 Certified

MWCC becomes AS9100 Certified paving the groundwork for entry into the aerospace industry.

Defense Alliance

Defense Alliance raises $215 million for small business over the course of three years.


Deep Space Usage

Minnovate technology of space wire qualifies for deep space usage for both copper and carbon Nanotube applications.

CNT Shielding

MWCC submits Patent application with Northrup Grumman for CNT Shielding – currently in review and appeal.


First Space Wire Order

MWCC receives first space wire order.

Defense Alliance Sold

Defense Alliance is sold to Logistic Specialties, Inc. in Layton UT.


Provisional Patent

Provisional Patent filed for Lightweight CNT LVDS (low-voltage differential signal) Data Communications Conductors.

Patent Submission

MWCC submits Patent for CNT Skin Effectiveness.


Trusted Advisors for Over 50 Years!

We will work with you to develop the perfect custom solution for your unique needs: from Medical Devices to Deep Space Applications.

An Industry Leader in Custom Wire and Cable Manufacturing

Over the moon. Around the world. Under the ground. In the ocean. Inside the human body. Wire! It powers our lives. It connects our horizons. It plays a critical role in saving lives.

Wire is transforming our world. It is morphing what was once science fiction into reality. At Minnesota Wire we are passionate about the development of new wire technologies. We have an entire division, Minnovate, dedicated to research and development.

Committed to R&D

We are committed to research and development because we know that it not only opens up new technologies—it gives us unique insights into the solutions required now. It expands our thinking. It allows us to bring new and creative solutions to today’s projects.

Our research and development teams work with our engineers. This collaborative effort flattens boundaries and allows us to think in unbounded ways. We are not afraid to jump over the moon. We are undaunted by the depth of the ocean. We thumb our nose at “impossible.”

We bring this attitude to everything we do. We excel at custom solutions.

Groundbreaking Engineering

Minnesota Wire is a privately owned custom wire and cable manufacturer. The Wagner family has owned and operated Minnesota Wire since 1968. The company has transformed from a bulk cable manufacturer to an industry leader in custom wire and cable manufacturing. Minnesota Wire excels in cable assemblies, R&D, testing, and design engineering. Our Minnesota Defense division has been the lead on a vast array of key military projects.

We are groundbreakers in electrical signal integrity, low-noise cable, and radio-translucent wire. We have designed and manufactured innovative connections for wearable electronics, patient monitoring systems, and leading-edge medical devices. We dive deep into the ocean. We fly high in the sky. We orbit the earth. We are shielding specialists. We are ruggedized cable warriors. We are overmolding masters. We will produce your bulk wire at the speed of light.


To provide high quality, high performance, fully integrated, custom solutions that will meet customer needs.


To be a global leader in wire and cable manufacture and integration to assist doctors, clinicians, service members, citizens, patients, and family members.

Quality Policy

We are committed to meeting customer needs and regulatory requirements and to continually improve and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Minnesota Wire Maintains these Certifications

IPC-620 Harness Certified

RoHS Compliant

MIL-STD Manufacturer