An Electrical Conductor that Stretches 40%
while Maintaining Electronic Performance

The iSTRETCH Advantage

iSTRETCH is an electrical conductor that stretches and returns to its original size. It will stretch 40% while maintaining electrical properties.

The working length of 40% allows for generous movement with a nominal pull force. When an iSTRETCH cable reaches the end of its working length, it stops expanding.

There are a variety of cable configurations available. The greater the gauge the greater the pull force needed to expand. iSTRETCH cables are designed for extended flex life. They have increased flexibility and durability over standard cables. iSTRETCH is RoHS compliant, lightweight, and washable.

iSTRETCH shielded cables are protected with a 44 AWG serve shield that promotes signal integrity. iSTRETCH is unique in the cable industry. Potential applications include medical, body function monitoring, sports (high-risk equipment), defense and aerospace (soldier-borne systems, first responders, and body-borne vest systems).

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iSTRETCH Engineering, a revolution of possibilities!

Greatly improved flex life and durability over standard cables

Up to 40% elasticity to allow for a full range of motion

Allows movement without affecting the electrical signal integrity

Unchanged current resistance as compared to standard wire

RoHS compliant

Conforms to movement when embedded in clothing


Temp Range: -35ºC to 80ºC

Elongation consistent resistance

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