Defense Cables and MIL-SPEC Cable Assemblies

Our extensive experience manufacturing defense cables and cable assemblies, as well as our AS 9100 and IS0 9001 registrations, established Minnesota Wire as subject matter experts in the industry. As trusted advisors, Minnesota Wire works with the nation’s largest defense companies and provides expertise in areas including but not limited to communications, tough, ruggedized cables and over molded connectors.

defense wire

Gold, silver, nickel, tin crimp, or solder.


E-proms, Smart Tech, Protection, Remote Upgrades, MEAs, Integrated Circuits

defense wire

First ever Department of Defense approved, Mil-Spec approved, Moisture reduction.


Electromagnetic Pulse – the high watermark of superior shielding. Braiding, servo, spirafoil, and carbon tribolectric static reduction.

defense wire

High temperature, intuitive finger grips, large variety of versatile Polymers.


Ergonomic, body direction, meant to be worn.

Defense Through Innovation

Improve performance and reduce weight on existing and new-design products

Redesign of existing connectors, suggestions for improvement includes over molded products to meet modern defense standards for improved durability, EMI shielding, and waterproofing to name a few

Minimize and eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) from close-proximity electronics in complex ensembles and suites

Optimize connector count in defense cables to eliminate redundancy, thereby improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving utilization

Provide high-volume robotic production to support R&D programs

Minnesota Wire Specializes In:

Increased Durability

Reduced Weight

EMI Shielding

Ruggedized Cables and Connectors

Over Molded Connectorization

Increased Strength

Design Update Guidance

ISO-Certified Defense Wire and Defense Cables

Minnesota Wire is an ISO-certified supplier to critical defense programs. We support MIL-SPEC cable design and manufacturing for:

Aircraft, Satellite, and Aerospace Applications (AS9100D)

Soldier-Borne Systems


Vehicle and Aircraft Systems

Ruggedized MIL-SPEC Cable Assemblies

Metal-Free iStealth® Series Communication Cable

Improved Performance and Weight Reduction Solutions

Completely Custom Defense Applications


The U.S. Department of Defense requires certifications and their continued maintenance to qualify as a MIL-SPEC manufacturer. Minnesota Wire maintains all necessary certifications pertaining to the manufacturing of MIL-SPEC cables and MIL-SPEC cable assemblies.

IPC 620 Harness Certified

MIL-STD Manufacturer

Let Our Expertise Guide You!

Minnesota Wire utilizes a variety of advanced manufacturing methods and raw materials to enhance your project.

Custom Defense Wire and Cable Assemblies

Molded and Ruggedized Connection Systems

Minnesota Defense can take your design concept—whether you have a completed CAD file or a simple drawing—and create custom defense wire and aircraft cable assemblies. It is never too early or too late in a project for us to help.

Our engineers will work with you to develop the custom defense wire or assembly your project requires. We can build, assemble, and test your custom defense assemblies on site, including aircraft cable assemblies. We are a Lean Six Sigma manufacturer utilizing the 5S methodology. This methodology combined with our turnkey capabilities means quality products delivered on time.

We work with a wide range of materials with which to build the custom defense cable assemblies and aircraft cable assemblies you need—no matter how complex the design.

Wiring and cabling are often the last step in a project. We can make it a painless process with quick turnaround times and expert project management.

Lightweight Defense Cable Assemblies for Defense Communications Systems

Combat-Proven MIL-SPEC Cable Assemblies

Minnesota Wire’s cable assemblies are lightweight, durable, and designed to excel in demanding defense communications systems applications. Widely used for interconnecting headsets or microphones, our defense cable assemblies are the perfect companion for radios, auxiliary systems, push-to-talk (PTT) systems, and other complicated or unique designs.

Our injection- and insert-molding capabilities allow us to produce a wide variety of overmolded MIL-SPEC connectors for defense communication systems. These ruggedized, combat-proven assemblies include shielded cables to ensure communication integrity in the field.

We design our overmolded defense communications systems wire and cable components to withstand the extreme temperatures that are typically found in the theater of war. Years of cable-building experience have given us the knowledge to produce defense cable systems that deliver reliable peak performance in harsh environments and severe weather conditions.

Defense Cables

Minnesota Wire has decades of experience in the design and fabrication of defense cable assemblies. We provide effective, reliable solutions for defense communications systems. We also offer MIL-SPEC cable assemblies for wiring communications systems in a range of defense vehicles, including the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) and JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) programs.

Minnesota Wire offers a broad range of conductor materials. We frequently work with:

Beryllium Copper Wire

Tinned Copper Wire

Carbon Fiber Wire

Radio Translucent iStealth® Wire

Insulation options include polyurethane, HDPE, and Teflon®

Our defense application engineers can assist in managing your project and help you in developing the perfect design to meet your defense systems requirements.

Defense Vehicle Cable Assemblies and Aircraft Cable Assemblies

Defense Interconnect Specialists

Minnesota Wire, through our Minnesota Defense division, provides custom defense vehicle cable assemblies and aircraft cable assemblies to the U.S. Department of Defense. Our engineers create designs that provide superior quality robust systems for demanding environments.

Our attention to detail is unwavering. We specialize in developing designs that meet our customers’ requirements and demands. We provide maximum protection from signal emissions by using materials such as metal-plated Kevlar and nickel-plastic compounds. These compounds fully shield the connectors by preventing unwanted signal leakage. Our communications cables and aircraft cable solutions are trusted enough to be used on Air Force One.

Our in-house EMC (Electromagnetic Capabilities) laboratory provides testing for our defense cable. This testing ensures that all wires and cables meet the required standards for radiated emissions, susceptibility, and shielding effectiveness.

Waterproof Cable for Defense Applications

We have managed projects that include the design and fabrication of complete wiring and harnessing systems for defense vehicles on key defense projects. Projects have included MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) and JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle). Our waterproof defense cable assemblies are battle-proven.

Custom-Designed Communications Cables

Minnesota Wire’s R&D division specializes in cutting-edge technology. Our research has resulted in knowledge that aids in the development of projects as advanced as experimental aircraft, unmanned defense vehicles, and aerospace applications.

Soldier-Worn Defense Cable Assemblies

Featuring iSTRETCH® Elastomeric Cable

Minnesota Wire custom designs and fabricates a variety of ergonomic and elastomeric defense cable assemblies for soldier-worn systems. These high-temperature ruggedized wires and cables deliver unparalleled durability and performance reliability in the field—even in the most extreme conditions. The United States Army uses our defense cable assemblies in their Land Warrior, Future Force Warrior, and Ground Soldier Systems programs.

Our MIL-SPEC cable assemblies have withstood the wear and tear of U.S. defense operations in the harshest conditions.

Minnesota Wire’s proprietary, iSTRETCH series cable utilizes an innovative design developed in our R&D division. Our design allows the elastomeric cable to stretch without affecting its performance.

iSTRETCH can be ruggedized and worn outside of equipment like a conventional cable or integrated into existing garments or armor. This allows for significant increases in flexibility, durability, and comfort. iSTRETCH cable can be configured to stretch to a specific length and then retract to its original length. This stretch and retract is accomplished without any loss of conductivity or signal integrity, and while maintaining MIL-SPEC cable requirements.

Customizable Cables for Superior Performance in the Field

In addition to our cutting-edge iSTRETCH elastomeric cable construction, our soldier-worn cable assemblies are available with a variety of audio, RFI, and EMI shielding options. We offer a variety of high-temperature ruggedized cable and wire options that can be utilized in various applications. We manufacture MIL-SPEC cables in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

We have decades of experience in designing and building complex MIL-SPEC assemblies. Our design engineers will work with you, as needed, to develop the perfect cable assembly for your project’s unique requirements.

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