Industrial Wire and Cable

Minnesota Wire designs and manufactures custom industrial wire, cable, and complete interconnect solutions. We serve clients in all areas of the industrial cable and wire market. We offer complete, turnkey service – from the design stages through production. We deliver customer industrial wire and cable to meet your exact specifications, requested quantities with turnaround times fitting your schedule.

industrial and commercial wire

Gold, silver, nickel, tin crimp, or solder.


E-proms, Smart Tech, Protection, Remote Upgrades, MEAs, Integrated Circuits

industrial and commercial wire

First ever Department of Defense approved, Mil-Spec approved, Moisture reduction.


Electromagnetic Pulse – the high watermark of superior shielding. Braiding, servo, spirafoil, and carbon tribolectric static reduction.

industrial and commercial wire

High temperature, intuitive finger grips, large variety of versatile Polymers.


Ergonomic, body direction, meant to be worn.

Custom Products for the Industrial Cable Market

Our extensive overmolding capabilities enable us to create custom industrial wire and cable in various styles and configurations. We specialize in:

Ruggedized Wires and Cables

Ruggedized Coil Cords

High-Temperature Cable Boards

Waterproof Sensor Probe Cables and Wire Assemblies

Wire Assemblies for Audio and Data Transmission in Industrial Environments

Non-Metallic Wires and Cables With Carbon Fiber Cores and Conductive Nylon Cores

Automotive Battery Charging Systems (Up To 240V)

All industrial wires and cables are available in ruggedized versions.

iSTRETCH: Stretchable Cable; Smart Integrated Cable and Connectors; Wearable Technology

Trusted Partners for 50 Years!

Minnesota Wire utilizes a variety of advanced manufacturing methods to produce custom cable assemblies, medical cables, and medical wire.

Custom Commercial Cable Applications

Cable and Wire for the Commercial Market

Minnesota Wire’s custom cable and wire manufacturing capabilities are diverse. Our capabilities include the ability to integrate wire into apparel, waterproof cable, shielded cables, and coil cords. We can create the perfect solution for any custom cable application in the commercial market.

All of our wire and cable products are custom designed and manufactured to match the exact specifications of the customer. We will work with you to develop the high-quality products your custom commercial cable application requires. From the design stages through high-volume production, we do it all!

Our cable, wire, and interconnect products are used throughout the commercial market. We have provided premium-quality custom solutions for countless commercial cable applications, including:


Elevators and Escalators

Building Automation, Alarms and Security

Emergency Response/Search and Rescue

Wind Turbines

Solar Panels

Automotive (e.g., electric car ports, etc.)

Audio Cable and Wire

Commercial Audio

Minnesota Wire designs and manufactures cable, wire, and assemblies for a wide range of audio applications. We will work with you to develop the perfect custom solution for your audio devices.

Custom Audio Cable Options

Our audio cables are available in coil cords, in custom colors, and with our proprietary iSTRETCH® construction.

Minnesota Wire’s iSTRETCH provides audio cables with the ability to stretch, which allows better movement and provides comfort and durability with no loss of sound quality.

Communications Wire, Cable, and Harness Assemblies

Custom Communications Wire and Cable Experts

Minnesota Wire designs and manufactures custom communications wire and cable for use in a variety of applications. Communications wire applications and environments can vary greatly. Our engineers will design your custom communications solutions with the gauges, conductors, pairs, and shielding arrangements needed to guarantee that your product will deliver the highest signal integrity.

We will work with you to engineer custom communications cable and assemblies that fit the needs of your specific application. We can work from your designs, or collaborate with your team to develop a new design that meets all of your unique criteria.

Unlike other cable assembly manufacturers, we insulate and jacket our custom communications wire and cable. Our insulated and jacketed cables can endure extreme temperatures, resist chemicals, and withstand abrasion.

Custom Cable Assemblies for High-Temperature Applications

High-Temperature Cable for Fire Safety

Minnesota Wire provides high-temperature cable boards, high-temperature cables, and custom cable assemblies that can withstand up to 500°F for fire safety and firefighting applications. Our high-temperature cable can be manufactured with fiberglass, ceramic fiber, or carbon insulation for added security. Vendor-supplied components can be integrated with our high-temperature cables and custom cable assemblies.

Shielded Cable for Communications

Minnesota Wire offers a wide range of shielded cables and overmolded MIL-SPEC connectors for clients in the communications sector. In-house injection- and insert-molding capabilities allow us to fabricate connectors for both standard and custom cable assemblies. Our ergonomic custom cable assemblies are widely used for interconnecting headsets and microphones in radios, auxiliary systems, and push-to-talk (PTT) systems.

Custom Products for Extreme Environments

Minnesota Wire designs and manufactures ruggedized coil cables that withstand extreme hot and cold environmental conditions. Our cables can be insulated with PVC, HDPE, or Teflon®.

We build custom high-temperature cable and custom cable assemblies. We have 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing challenging applications such as wiring communications systems in defense vehicles, backplane panels, and aircraft intercommunications systems.

Wire, Cable, and Custom Connectors for Robotics and Automation

Robotic Wire and Cable Applications

Minnesota Wire manufactures custom cable assemblies and custom connectors for robotics and automation applications. Our robotic wire and cables are highly sustainable, flexible, and are dual molded for strength and durability. We can manufacture from a provided design or engineer a cable solution specific for your needs.

Multi-Axis Robots

Welding Robots

Painting Robots

Conveyor Systems


Rotating and Tilting Tables

Sensor Probe Cables and Assemblies

Waterproof Custom Cables and Sensor Probe Assemblies

Minnesota Wire has worked with high-end water quality companies to develop new-and-improved sensor probe cables and sensor probe assemblies. Our extensive R&D and testing have led to advancements in technologies for high-pressure cables, wire assemblies, and more.

Our waterproof sensor probe cables feature connector overmolding and a unique ruggedized design that can withstand turbulent conditions. All our sensor probe wire and cable assemblies undergo rigorous flex and pull testing. Additionally, each cable undergoes immersion tank testing that simulates the varying depths at which the probe may be used.

Temperature Cables

Used to monitor the temperature of the oxygen going in and coming out of patient during surgery. Thermistors are key to performance. At Minnesota Wire, we pot them in urethane and remove all the voids and bubbles that could impact accuracy. Clear tubes allow the user to see that the thermistors are bubble free.

High-Pressure Cable Technology

Minnesota Wire specializes in providing high-pressure cable that delivers optimum performance at depths of 100 meters (328 feet) or more. Our high-pressure cable solutions are typically used for data transmission when measuring water quality and temperature.

Sensor Probe Assemblies and Heavy-Duty Coil Cords with Connector Overmolding

We offer sensor probe assemblies with cable lengths up to 300 meters. We also manufacture heavy-duty coil cords with connector overmolding. These cords are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, certain acids, and UV rays. They are widely used in underwater fishing cameras and deep-sea probes to detect stream flow or glacier movement.

Waterproof Wire and Cable Assemblies for Test and Measurement

Communications cable used on Navy Command Boat offering critical command and control operations. Cable assemblies are exposed to harsh environmental elements. The molded shroud protects the audio plug from water/ice spray extending a clear audio signal.

Custom Waterproof Wire and Cable Assemblies

Minnesota Wire’s Test and Measurement division specializes in custom waterproof wire and cable assemblies for applications where water or liquid exposure is common. We use our overmolding capabilities to give our assemblies reliable waterproof coatings. These coatings have proven extremely beneficial for water quality testing and other similar operations.

Custom Designed and Manufactured to Meet Your Needs

The Minnesota Wire team will work with you to create the ideal custom waterproof wire or cable assembly for your needs. We can work with your designs—whether you have a complete CAD file or just a sketch on paper—or develop a new design that meets your performance and application requirements. Our expert design engineers can solve any problem you may be facing. We will deliver a custom product that meets your test and measurement cable and harness assembly needs.

Let’s Collaborate!

Minnesota Wire offers an array of specialty capabilities and delivers custom products for a broad spectrum of Industries.