Assembly to Wrap and Sintering . . . and Everything In Between


Advanced Adhesives and Potting Applications

Automated and Semi-Automated Cut, Strip, Crimp, Solder, and Terminate


Assembly Water Proofing

Cable Coiling

Custom Cable Assemblies, Integrated Smart Cables

Custom Overmold Interconnects

Extrusion Lines (Fluoropolymer and General Plastic)

Intelligent Cables: The integrated circuit and software on the circuit detect the charging requirements of the device into which the intelligent cable is plugged.

Lean Manufacturing

Mold Tool Design and Fabrication

Prototyping/3D Modeling

Sonic Welding

Statistical Process Control

Testing Capabilities: Flex, Pull, Triboelectric, EMC Shielding, Electrical, Signal Integrity

Tooling, Design, and Fabrication

Verification Validation Testing

Wrap and Sintering Fabrication (Insulations: Kapton, Metalized Polymer Tapes, Foils)

Shielding Materials: Conductive and Non-Conductive Polymers, Round and Flat Metals


We cut the wire to the desired length on a wire-cutting machine. The wires are then stripped to expose the metal. Next, the wires are fitted with terminals or connector housings. Finally, the cables are assembled and clamped together according to the design specifications.

Cable Coiling

We offer a wide variety of coiling constructions. Our coil cords are available in axial, tangent, and performed tails. Coil cords can be designed with controlled retraction force.

Capabilities 1

Complex Coil Cord Designed and Manufactured to Meet Specific Working Conditions and Standards

Capabilities 2

Coil Cord Featuring Electrical and Tube Extension

Capabilities 3

Ruggedized Retractile Coiled Cables


Our extrusion process creates a protective and aesthetic coating on a bare wire. The bare wire is pulled through the center of a die to create a colored, insulated jacket. This process is high volume and creates a continuous and consistent profile. Our fluoropolymer extrusion line allows for the insulation of wires and cables with aerospace qualified polymers. Please select Materials for a list of materials we extrude.

Capabilities 4

Fluoropolymer Extrusion

Fine Braiding

We braid round and flat shields. Our shields stop electromagnetic interference, block external noise, resist abrasion, increase overall pull and cut-through strength, and protect from fire.

Capabilities 5

Intelligent Cables

The integrated circuit and software on the circuit detect the charging requirements of the device into which the intelligent cable is plugged.

Capabilities 6

Cable ID Chip: Integral to Connector System

Capabilities 7

Stages of Connector System Production

Capabilities 8

Power Plug and Cable ID Chip: Integral to Connector System. Molded


Insert molding enhances a cable assembly’s functionality, durability, and aesthetics. These enhancements are achieved by encasing areas of the cable assembly with plastics such as PVC, PP, TPEE, and TPR.

Overmolding allows for a strong bond between two different materials without the use of adhesives. We can overmold connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, yokes, and other applications.

Our in-house tooling department can match or custom build nearly any mold.

Capabilities 9

Overmolding. Patient Monitoring Cable with Overmolded PCB Electronics


We create functional prototypes. A working prototype gives you certainty in the design of your project. We can help you develop your custom design. We have years of experience designing for a myriad of applications. We can source the necessary materials to develop and manufacture your product. We can do it all in our facilities.

Capabilities 10

Patient Monitoring Cables

Robotic Termination

We can robotically terminate wires with the use of our MTX machine. This automated process offers significant cost savings for high-volume products that do not require custom terminations and overmolding.

Capabilities 11

Precision technology guarantees accuracy, cuts costs, and shortens production times.

Shielding and Cabling

We have complete in-house capabilities to shield multiple insulated conductors. This allows us to enclose a common conductive layer. We use rigorous, proprietary tests to ensure quality in all of our cables.

Capabilities 12

Individually Foil-Shielded Twisted Pairs


Electrical Lab

Our electrical lab features an EMI chamber. We can provide full pre-compliance electromagnetic compatibility and shielding effectiveness testing for prototypes, finished electrical sub-components, and full assemblies.

Capabilities 13

Nanotechnology Lab

Our nanotechnology lab enables us to experiment with carbon nanotubes on non-metallic conductors and shields. Our testing has already paid dividends. We have identified and are now developing new processes for the use of carbon nanotubes in wire and cable manufacturing.

Capabilities 14

Mechanical Lab

Our mechanical lab offers complete test and measurement.

Capabilities 15

Signal Integrity Lab

Our signal integrity lab allows us to test electrical integrity and shielding effectiveness.

Capabilities 16

Testing Capabilities Include

Our testing capabilities include flex life, stretch, torque, low noise, submersion, high-speed thermal mass flow leak, tensile and compression (pull test), OGP SmartScope 250 (Non-contact optical comparator), impulse/abrupt, MIL-C-17G (cable test), and AAMI/ANSI EC53-1995.


We have an accomplished tooling design and fabrication department. We can create nearly any mold for the wire and cable industry. Our engineered designs are created in a software program for maximum throughput. Each mold is designed for manufacturing ease. The mold is then made on our CNC machine, guaranteeing precision measurement.

Capabilities 17

Value-Added Services

We can cut, strip, crimp, and terminate one or both ends of a wire. This automated process guarantees accuracy and saves time and labor.

Wrap and Sintering

We have insulation, dielectric, and shielding capabilities. Processing materials include PTFE, polyester, polyimide (Kapton & Oasis), metal foils, metalized polymer tapes, and unique conductive tapes.

Capabilities 18

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