MIL-SPEC Space Technology and Aircraft Cables and Cable Assemblies

Minnesota Wire’s Research and Development continues to be the driving force and success behind our space technology and aircraft cables. We remain committed to R&D to provide our customers with unique insights into design improvements and new solutions available with the industry.

We are national leaders in the science behind light weight MIL-SPEC space technology wire, carbon solutions, carbon nanotube wires, high-temperature cable, cable assemblies and custom connectors required in extreme environments.

space technology wire

Silver Copper or Silver Copper Alloy conductor ranging in size from 18-30 AWG.

Space Technology wire

Oasis wrap and sinter jacket with color coded ink bands to denote gauge size.

Space Technology wire

Single to multi-primary cables available.


Flat Aq-Cu or Aq-Cu-Al braid for lightweight shielding.


Oasis wrap and sinter insulation for lightweight jacket with excellent mechanical electrical and chemical resistance.

Lightweight Space Technology Wire, Cable Assemblies, and Custom Connectors

Our research with carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes (CNT) led to the development of new products replacing many traditional metallic conductors. This change resulted in drastic weight savings—a key to success in this market!

Our research and development division, boasts a rare piece of equipment called the RESS reactor (Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions). The RESS reactor enables us to test conductive CNTs on virtually any surface. (The RESS reactor utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide as the solvent to allow for the dispersion of carbon nanotube powder into an appropriate polymer medium for spray applications.)

Minnesota Wire leads the market in design and manufacturing versatility.

Our design and engineering department develop custom solutions to fit your specific space technology or aircraft wire and cable project. From the conceptual stages through full production runs, we work with you every step of the way.


The U.S. Department of Defense requires certifications and their continued maintenance to qualify as a MIL-SPEC manufacturer. Minnesota Wire maintains all necessary certifications pertaining to the manufacturing of MIL-SPEC cables and MIL-SPEC cable assemblies.

IPC 620 Harness Certified

MIL-STD Manufacturer

The Impossible Begins in 3…2…1…

Minnesota Wire utilizes a variety of advanced manufacturing methods to produce custom cable assemblies, space technology cables, and space technology wire.