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iSTRETCH® Cables Solve the Most Challenging Aspect of Any Project Do you remember what watching television was like before the remote control? Or how you shared your vacation pictures before Instagram? How about what it was like back when you only traveled to different places on earth for vacations before space travel was common? Okay, […]

Custom Wire and Cable Assemblies At Minnesota Wire, we’re changing the world one project at a time. That’s a pretty bold statement, but we stand behind it. Providing lighter, more agile, and more effective custom wire and cable assemblies across the medical, defense, and space technology industries enables those sectors to perform at their best […]

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How are Space Technology Cable Assemblies Manufactured? At Minnesota Wire, our Research and Development has always been and continues to be the driving force and success behind our space technology and aircraft cables. We will always be committed to R&D to provide our customers with unique insights and design improvements and new solutions available within […]

MN Wire Featured in Journal as a Manufacturer Giving Back The Wire Association International recognized Minnesota Wire as a ‘manufacturer giving back’ in their online journal in December. In the Wire Journal News, MN Wire was lauded as “A 54-year-old family-owned business that specializes in manufacturing wire for defense and medical markets, cites ‘community’ as […]

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Held each year on the first Friday of October and extended throughout the entire month of October, it is a celebration of the modern manufacturing landscape, demonstrating the advanced techniques and methodologies used by thousands of companies across the nation.

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