iSTRETCH® Cables Solve the Most Challenging Aspect of Any Project

Do you remember what watching television was like before the remote control? Or how you shared your vacation pictures before Instagram? How about what it was like back when you only traveled to different places on earth for vacations before space travel was common?

Okay, we may be jumping ahead a bit with that last one, but it sure seems like we’ll get there soon, doesn’t it?

But thank heavens for innovations that make life easier!

At Minnesota Wire, we couldn’t be prouder of iSTRETCH, our electrical conductor that stretches out 40% and returns to its original size while maintaining all of its electrical properties. Patented in 2012, iSTRETCH has helped revolutionize cable configurations and electric conductors.

So what are electric conductors? An electric conductor is a substance or material that allows electricity to flow through it. In a conductor, electrical charge carriers, usually electrons or ions, move easily from atom to atom when voltage is applied.

We pride ourselves on our innovative designs and engineering techniques that enable us to custom design, develop, and manufacture wire, cable, and interconnect assemblies. We know modern devices require modern solutions—iSTRETCH is an innovative and customizable stretchable cable and wire product line. Whether you’re designing a medical device or wearable technology, iSTRETCH is the perfect choice.

The working length of 40% allows for generous movement with nominal pull force. Minnesota Wire’s technology ensures when an iSTRETCH cable reaches the end of its working length, it stops expanding. That means no more breaks because of over-flexing. And you’re no longer limited to just up, down, and left and right movements. iSTRETCH allows you to double down on motion, stretch your flex, bend at will, and experience the freedom of full range of motion with your electric conductors. With a variety of cable configurations available, iSTRETCH cables solve the most challenging aspects of any project. iSTRETCH cables are Minnesota Wire designed cables for extended flex life, high vibration and extreme environmental conditions. They have increased flexibility and durability over standard cables. iSTRETCH is RoHS compliant and washable.

Extended Life and Other Advantages of iSTRETCH®

iSTRETCH shielded cables are protected with a serve shield that promotes signal integrity. iSTRETCH is unique in the cable industry. Potential applications include medical, remote patient monitoring, sports (high-risk equipment), defense (soldier-borne systems, first responders, and body-borne vest systems), structure monitoring for movement and temperature (mines, glaciers, concrete, underwater, barns, semis) and space technology.

What are some of the advantages provided by iSTRETCH technology?
● Greatly improved flex life and durability over standard cables
● Innovative solution for challenges with extreme temperatures and high vibration
● Up to 40% elasticity to allow for a full range of motion
● Allows for movement without affecting the electrical signal integrity
● Unchanged current resistance as compared to standard wire
● RoHS compliant
● Conforms to movement when embedded in clothing
● Washable
● Temp range: -35 C to 80 C
● Elongation consistent resistance

When you choose Minnesota Wire you will have access to our incredibly talented team of expert engineers. With the complexity of modern engineering design and the technological landscape shifting so rapidly, manufacturer’s experience challenges familiarizing themselves with every innovation and advancement in every aspect of their product creation. Our team is truly experts in what we do and can help you navigate the complexities of any design.

Minnesota Wire leads the market in design and manufacturing versatility. We utilize a variety of advanced manufacturing methods to produce custom cable assemblies, space technologies cables, and space technologies wire. iSTRETCH technology has made working with cable configurations and electric conductors infinitely easier!

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