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Minnesota Wire Custom Designs, Develops, and Manufactures Wire, Cable, and Interconnect Assemblies.

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We excel at solving unique and difficult interconnect problems.

Minnesota Wire has been engineering and manufacturing custom solutions for complex cable assemblies since 1968. We are a full-service development and manufacturing house for wire, cable, harness, and interconnect assemblies.

We are vertically integrated.

Vertical integration is a rarity in the wire and cable business. It means we can expedite your project from concept to production—all in our facilities. Our in-house capabilities include concept design, prototyping, design verification, production, and product validation.

We have state-of-the-art testing facilities and a full R&D department. We use these assets to support prototyping and to ensure that every detail of your project meets your specifications.

Whether you need wire and cable, or wire and cable assemblies with custom connectors in a unique configuration, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your next custom project.

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Bifurcated Joints: Cable is protected from abrasion with a continuous-coverage braid of nylon.

Industries We Serve

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We design, test, and manufacture custom wire, cable, and cable assemblies. Complete electrical solutions, from jacketing extrusion to wire termination to custom connectors.

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Defense and Military

We have extensive experience in manufacturing MIL-SPEC cables and cable assemblies for the defense industry. Our ruggedized and overmolded military cables are combat-proven.

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Industrial and Commercial

We are a custom electrical wire and cable interconnect provider for the commercial and industrial wire and cable market. We manufacture audio, robotics, communications, high-temperature applications, sensor probe cable, and wire assemblies.

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We are leaders in the science behind lightweight wire, high-temperature cable, cable assemblies, and custom connectors that perform as required in extreme environments.


Wire, Cable, and Assembly Manufacturing and Processing Capabilities

Short video of our processing capabilities

Advanced Adhesives and Potting Applications

Automated and Semi-Automated Cut, Strip, Crimp, Solder, and Terminate


Assembly Water Proofing

Cable Coiling

Custom Cable Assemblies, Integrated Smart Cables

Custom Overmold Interconnects

Extrusion Lines (Fluoropolymer and General Plastic)

Intelligent Cables: The integrated circuit and software on the circuit detect the charging requirements of the device into which the intelligent cable is plugged.

Lean Manufacturing

Mold Tool Design and Fabrication

Prototyping/3D Modeling

Sonic Welding

Statistical Process Control

Testing Capabilities: Flex, Pull, Triboelectric, EMC Shielding, Electrical, Signal Integrity

Tooling, Design, and Fabrication

Verification Validation Testing

Wrap and Sintering Fabrication (Insulations: Kapton, Metalized Polymer Tapes, Foils)

Shielding Materials: Conductive and Non-Conductive Polymers, Round and Flat Metals


IPC-620 Harness Certified

ITAR Registered

MIL-STD Manufacturer

RoHS Compliant

USP/ISO 10993 Compliant

Minnesota Wire Specializes in Overmolding

Our in-house overmolding capabilities are state-of-the-art.

Overmolding allows for a strong bond between two different materials without the use of adhesives. We can overmold connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, yokes, and other applications.

Overmolding increases the durability and longevity of a product.

Our on-site testing facilities can document the improvement in performance that our overmolding services provide.

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Overmolded Connectors Designed for Optimum Cable Positioning and Protection

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Custom Molded and Ruggedized Connectors

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Custom Yoke Overmold: Splicing two cables into one. Often contain PCBAs.

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Patient Monitoring Cable with Overmolded PCBA Electronics


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Laser-Accurate Wrap and Sintering

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Take-Up Wheels Used in Cable Extrusion Process

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Wire Twisting

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Steeger Braider

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Fluoropolymer Extrusion


On-Site Services

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Design Services

Application engineering support for specifiers of wire and cable assemblies.

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Engineering Services

We have the experience and ability to design and manufacture custom cable assemblies, custom connectors, coil cords, and wiring harnesses to your desired application.

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Lean Six Sigma and 5S Methodology

Minnesota Wire is a Lean Six Sigma manufacturer utilizing the 5S methodology. We have Six Sigma certified Green Belts and Black Belts on staff.

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Project Conception

Our sales and engineering staff will work with you to assist with the project conception of your custom cable assemblies.

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Project Management

Years of experience working on varied and unique projects have given Minnesota Wire substantial insights into the best practices required to meet the goals of your specific project. No best practice is right for every project. Let our experienced team guide you seamlessly through the issues that invariably arise with every project.

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We create functional prototypes. A working prototype gives you certainty in the design of your project.

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Research and Development

We have an entire division dedicated to Research and Development—Minnovate.

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Testing Laboratories

We have four in-house testing labs. Our quality assurance team verifies that your manufacturing requirements are met and that every cable assembly is of the highest working order before it ships.


Only From Minnesota Wire


iSTRETCH is an electrical conductor that stretches and returns to its original size. It will stretch 40% while maintaining the electrical properties.


iStealth uses carbon nanotube (CNT) technology. CNT provides conductivity with a lightweight material. This technology expands the horizon for electrical cable usage. iStealth is excellent for medical and aerospace applications.

News and Articles

iSTRETCH in Defense

5 Conductor, 26 Gauge with PV Jacket coil Assembly

Minnesota Wire has begun manufacturing 8,568 specialty coil assemblies utilizing our patented iSTRETCH wire for a defense contractor. Each of the assemblies contains a sixteen-foot, six-lead cable. The sale represents the largest single sale of iSTRETCH in the company’s history!

A Revolution in Possibilities

As Seen at CES 2019


Think—boundless. Wrap a flex circuit around Minnesota Wire’s patented iSTRETCH, attach mCube’s MEMS-based motion sensors and experience a complete revolution.


iSTRETCH and The Greenland Ice Sheet

An ambitious research program involving the Greenland ice sheet will utilize Minnesota Wire’s iSTRETCH cable. The project endeavors to understand how climate is affecting the flow of the Greenland ice sheet, the second largest ice mass on the planet and the primary cause of global sea-level rise.


MN Wire has been featured in the May 2020 edition of the National Defense Magazine.


Lee Eisenbraun began working at Minnesota Wire in 2008 as a Process Technician. Lee’s natural talent and intelligence were immediately apparent, and he was promoted to Process Technician II.

R&D Funding Through the U.S. Government

 If you have an innovative concept but are leery of costly R&D, the federal government may be able to help.

Critical Steps for Developing a Successful Medical Device Interconnect Cable

Don’t miss this article written by our very own Steve Pape. Steve is Minnesota Wire’s Design Engineering Manager. The article first appeared in the Medical Design Briefs, January, 2016 issue. The article is loaded with solid information.


SOLIDshot is a new wearable basketball shot improvement system that utilizes Minnesota Wire’s iSTRETCH. SOLIDshot tracks and records a player’s arm movement. A digital readout displays information that highlights changes the shooter needs to make—improving the form and consistency of a player’s shots.

Select the link and check out the video—high scores for technology!


Minnesota Wire, for the 12th year, along with numerous community sponsors, will honor local veterans with a Veterans Day Barbecue at their Eau Claire, Wisconsin facility. Everyone is welcome. Follow the “Veterans Day” link below for more information.

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more about our capabilities or to discuss your project.


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