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Hearing Aid Tubes and Wires

Minnesota Wire has extensive experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing hearing aid wire and custom hearing aid tubes. Our expertise in communications engineering includes audiometric systems, assemblies, and communications wire used in a variety of hearing aid technologies.

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Hearing Aid Programming Cable

Custom Made Hearing Aid Tubes for All Hearing Aid Styles

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Hearing Aid Tubes

Minnesota Wire understands the importance of developing a custom solution for your hearing aid tubing, whether it is for use in the ear (ITE), in the canal (ITC), a receiver in the canal (RIC), or body-worn hearing aids. We also produce the small form-factor wiring used in traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids.

We have specialized in cable and wire manufacturing since 1968. Our five decades of experience have allowed us to develop numerous areas of excellence and expertise, including:

Designs and Materials Customized to Your Needs

Because individuals require hearing aids in different sizes and styles, our custom hearing aid tubes and hearing aid wires are specifically designed for your unique application. We can work from your completed designs, or our design engineers can work with you to develop custom hearing aid tubing and wire that meet the exact requirements of your audiometric systems.

All our hearing aid wires and hearing aid tubes are made from the highest quality materials. Your custom wires and tubes will be manufactured with the conductor materials, shielding, jacketing, connectors, and other materials and components you specify. We make it easy to create a completely custom solution for your particular application.

We have extensive experience working with PEBAX®, a plasticizer-free thermoplastic elastomer that offers remarkable processing ease. The properties of PEBAX make it an excellent choice for extrusion of medical grade tubing. We also supply highly-engineered tinsel and litz wire specialty items, as well as engineered plastics and specialized materials.

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Custom-designed forming wire created to produce a complete redesign of integrated hearing aid tubes for an OEMs’ acoustic interconnect solution.

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Litz wire is commonly used in hearing aids. 

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more or request a quote for custom hearing aid tubes and hearing aid wire.


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