Project Management: Plan, Organize, Secure, and Manage

Project Management is at the forefront of Minnesota Wire’s daily activities. We understand how important it is for your project to flow seamlessly through all stages of the process. Our project management team will help you plan, organize, secure, and manage your product through the entire production process—ensuring that you reach your desired goals as quickly as possible.

Seasoned project managers ensure that PMP best practices are applied.

Tested PM templates allow rapid planning and management response.

Project tracking and oversight ensures problems are found and fixed early in the production process.

Capability and capacity planning, including PDM and ERP, are continually monitored and updated.

Years of experience working on varied and unique projects have given Minnesota Wire substantial insights into the best practices required to meet the goals for your specific project. No best practice is right for every project. Let our experienced team guide you seamlessly through the issues that invariably arise with every project.

Our in-house capabilities include concept design, prototyping, design verification, production, and product validation.


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