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Soldier-Worn Military Cable Assemblies

Featuring iSTRETCH® Elastomeric Cable

Minnesota Wire custom designs and fabricates a variety of ergonomic and elastomeric military cable assemblies for soldier-worn systems. These high-temperature ruggedized wires and cables deliver unparalleled durability and performance reliability in the field—even in the most extreme conditions. The United States Army uses our military cable assemblies in their Land Warrior, Future Force Warrior, and Ground Soldier Systems programs.

Our MIL-SPEC cable assemblies have withstood the wear and tear of U.S. military operations in the harshest conditions.

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Revolutionary iSTRETCH Elastomeric Cable

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Minnesota Wire’s proprietary, iSTRETCH series cable utilizes an innovative design developed in our R&D division. Our design allows the elastomeric cable to stretch without affecting its performance.

iSTRETCH can be ruggedized and worn outside of equipment like a conventional cable or integrated into existing garments or armor. This allows for significant increases in flexibility, durability, and comfort. iSTRETCH cable can be configured to stretch to a specific length and then retract to its original length. This stretch and retract is accomplished without any loss of conductivity or signal integrity, and while maintaining MIL-SPEC cable requirements.

Customizable Cables for Superior Performance in the Field

In addition to our cutting-edge iSTRETCH elastomeric cable construction, our soldier-worn cable assemblies are available with a variety of audio, RFI, and EMI shielding options. We offer a variety of high-temperature ruggedized cable and wire options that can be utilized in various applications. We manufacture MIL-SPEC cables in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

We have decades of experience in designing and building complex MIL-SPEC assemblies. Our design engineers will work with you, as needed, to develop the perfect cable assembly for your project’s unique requirements.

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