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Sensor Probe Cables and Assemblies

Sensor Probe Cable and Assembly

Minnesota Wire has worked with high-end water quality companies to develop new-and-improved sensor probe cables and sensor probe assemblies. Our extensive R&D and testing have led to advancements in technologies for high-pressure cables, wire assemblies, and more.

Waterproof Custom Cables and Sensor Probe Assemblies

Our waterproof sensor probe cables feature connector overmolding and a unique ruggedized design that can withstand turbulent conditions. All our sensor probe wire and cable assemblies undergo rigorous flex and pull testing. Additionally, each cable undergoes immersion tank testing that simulates the varying depths at which the probe may be used.

Temperature Cables

Used to monitor the temperature of the oxygen going in and coming out of patient during surgery. Thermistors are key to performance. At Minnesota Wire, we pot them in urethane and remove all the voids and bubbles that could impact accuracy. Clear tubes allow the user to see that the thermistors are bubble free.

High-Pressure Cable Technology

High-Pressure Cable

Minnesota Wire specializes in providing high-pressure cable that delivers optimum performance at depths of 100 meters (328 feet) or more. Our high-pressure cable solutions are typically used for data transmission when measuring water quality and temperature.

Sensor Probe Assemblies and Heavy-Duty Coil Cords with Connector Overmolding

We offer sensor probe assemblies with cable lengths up to 300 meters. We also manufacture heavy-duty coil cords with connector overmolding. These cords are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, certain acids, and UV rays. They are widely used in underwater fishing cameras and deep-sea probes to detect stream flow or glacier movement.

Temperature Probe Extension Cable

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