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Reusable and Disposable Medical Lead Wires and Medical Cables

Minnesota Wire is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom reusable and disposable medical cables and lead wires. Our products are ideal for numerous applications, including:

Airway Temperature Monitoring

Body Temperature Monitoring

ECG Devices

EEG Devices

EMG Devices

SpO2 Devices

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Reusable and Disposable Tangle-Free Lead Wires

Tangle-Free Medical Wire

Tangle-Free Medical Wire Advantages

Cable Properties Promote High Lubricity

High-Stranding Conductor Promotes Flexibility (22 AWG; 154/44)

Jacket Construction Allows for a Smooth Surface

Slides Easily Across Rough Surfaces and Itself

Used in Medical Applications and where the Cable Needs to Slip Easily Across Skin or Material

Medical Grade Body Contact

PVC Jacket Properties

Excellent Resiliency and Flexibility

Abrasion Resistant

Good Elasticity

Toughness and High-Tear Strength (380)

Temperature: -20˚ to 60˚ Centigrade

Cable Construction

Conductors: 1C

Jacket Material: PU/PVC Blend

Durometer: 65 Shore-A

Color: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, Pink

Custom Medical Cables and Lead Wires

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Minnesota Wire has the automation equipment to cut, strip, and crimp cables for improved quality and reduced costs. The contacts are standard off-the-shelf or custom components. The overmold tooling is designed to replace existing device connectors or can be fabricated for unique custom new devices.

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Precision technology guarantees accuracy, cuts costs, and shortens production times.

With decades of experience as a medical cable manufacturer, Minnesota Wire knows that an off-the-shelf product is not the right solution for every project. While some manufacturers offer stock products with a few interchangeable features, we deliver custom reusable and disposable medical wires. We manufacture products that are designed and engineered to meet your requirements.

We make custom products with a number of special characteristics, including:

Any Length

Any Color Wire, Cable, and Fittings

Custom Cables

Custom Cable and Wire Terminations

Custom Softness

Ergonomic Shape and Fit


We offer in-house turnkey manufacturing at both our St. Paul, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin facilities. This allows us to monitor all production processes for quality and consistency. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures exact repeatability from the first piece to the last. This ensures that every part you order matches your specifications.

Whatever your unique challenge may be, Minnesota Wire can deliver the solution. Our design engineers will work with you to develop lead wires and medical cables that will perfectly fit your application, whether you are starting with a completed design print or a basic concept.

Performance, Reliability, and Longevity

All our reusable and disposable medical lead wires and medical cable products can be shielded to minimize noise and signal interference. Rugged construction makes our lead wires and cables ideal for high-humidity, high-pressure, and high-temperature applications. We use only the highest-quality materials in the production of all our products. We have a broad selection of materials available. Our expert team can help you find the right combination of performance, reliability, and longevity to meet your requirements. As needed, we can help you select:



Extrusion Materials



Jacket Materials

Mold Materials

RoHS Compliant, DEHP-Free, and BPA-Free wire lead options are available on request.


Wire Terminations

Wrap Type

Reusable and Disposable Lead Wires and Medical Cables 5

The overmold tooling can be designed to the specific requirements of the project. For disposable cables, the mold tool design includes unique cost-reducing options for loading and unloading speed.  Every assembly is designed to the customer’s requirements. Any color is available.

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more or request a quote for reusable and disposable medical wires and lead wires.


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