Research and Development

Research and Development: Creating Products with Innovative Features and Enhanced Performance

The Future Frontier

What will the next one hundred years be like? As the frontier expands, space shrinks. As we reach into smaller and smaller places, the need for smaller and lighter technologies grows. At Minnesota Wire we are exploring the frontier now. Our goal is to lead the exploration into new technologies, to maintain signal integrity under the severest of conditions, to use materials never before thought possible, to successfully use wire where no wire has gone before. Wire—the future frontier!

At Minnesota Wire we are developing materials and systems that create products with innovative features and enhanced performance. Our goal is to improve the signal integrity, and the mechanical stability and longevity of the traditional interconnect infrastructure.

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Carbon Nanotube

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Research and Development

Minnovate is Minnesota Wire’s Research & Development division—a leader in non-metallic wire, medical wire and cable, stretchy wire, noise reduction, and interconnect capabilities. We obtain funding through the execution of high technology R&D grants to develop materials and systems that create products of novel properties and enhanced interconnect performance proficiencies.

Minnovate’s purpose is to improve the signal integrity and mechanical properties of the traditional interconnect performance infrastructure and continually move it forward. You will see many of our advances today in places such as military wire, medical wire, and industrial wire.

Our vision of interconnect performance is exhibited in the commercial areas of wire and cable development where we are currently pursuing R&D programs. These efforts have led us to the invention of the world’s first stretchy wire and our ultralight series of non-metallic conductors. These new technologies will have a profound effect on the continued development of aerospace, commercial, industrial, medical, and military wires and cables.

New Technologies

Interconnect Performance Solutions using “Stretchy” Wire (iSTRETCH® Series of Products)

Prognostic Health Management (PHM) Medical Wires for in-situ monitoring and prognosis of faults using two technologies: Spread-spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR), and CNT (carbon nanotubes) sacrificial shields

Non-Metallic Wire using carbon nanotubes (CNT) (iStealth® Series of Products)

Fatigue Resistant Wire using unique polymers, elastomeric wire and/or CNT

Embedded Wire for airborne applications

Line Replaceable Units (LRU) that house circuitry inside molds

Arc suppression incorporated into industrial wires that greatly decreases noise from primaries and enhances the life of relays and circuitry

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Graphene Sheet

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