Lee Eisenbraun began working at Minnesota Wire in 2008 as a Process Technician. Lee’s natural talent and intelligence were immediately apparent, and he was promoted to Process Technician II.

Lee particularly enjoys challenges that require problem solving. He has been instrumental in the development of new cable designs, extrusion process-development, training, and automation improvements on the extrusion and wire-processing lines. He designed and implemented a socket-and-pin feed-track system that converted a hand- crimp operation to an automated operation. This design resulted in savings of over $250,000. He also designed, built, and implemented custom tape-wrapping equipment for a cable bunching line, and he designed, built, and implemented cross-head equipment currently used on one of Minnesota Wire’s extrusion lines.

“In addition to wire extrusion I also work on our automated cut, strip, and terminate equipment,” Lee told us. “These machines are basically robots that need to be programmed to execute specific tasks. We recently added a vision system that scans a wire as it is crimped to ensure that every wire we make meets our customers’ specifications. It’s fulfilling to know that the product we make meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations based on the parameters I programmed.”

“Lee has an amazing ability to visualize what is needed, and then do it,” Brian Westphal, Process Engineering Manager explains. “He brings multiple talents to the table, and we don’t take for granted how fortunate we are to have him.”

Lee Eisenbraun: a passion for learning, commitment, and a can-do attitude. 1
Lee Eisenbraun
Process Technician II
Minnesota Wire
can-do attitude
Outside of work, Lee enjoys time with his family, fishing, woodworking, and mechanical work. Lee and his wife, Meghan, are excited to see their daughter, Molly, begin kindergarten this fall.