Minnesota Wire; Helping You Overcome the Challenges of Material Shortages

We’re all feeling the pinch of the current global raw material shortages. The Supply chain issues have choked many in the manufacturing industry. However, our team of Engineers can help provide alternative solutions for your wire and cable component needs.

Whether it’s Tin Copper, Plastics, Resins, or anything else, our design experts can help design alternate solutions that can be manufactured under the current market conditions. No matter your need, Minnesota Wire can assist!

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Still Not Convinced?

Read one of our Case Studies below, and learn more about Minnesota Wire’s capabilities and expertise.

We also created a blog post addressing material shortages, and what the outlook for next year looks like.

How Minnesota Wire Created
Carbon-Fiber Twisted Pairs for EEG and fMRI
To Solve Their Client’s Engineering Problem

The Challenge

Capture Electroencephalography (EEG) Data Concurrently with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)

Kappametrics’ flagship product, f-EEG™, employs noise cancellation techniques to eliminate large radio frequency and electrostatic and magnetic noise produced by the fMRI scanner. This enables the real-time collection of physiologic EEG data during fMRI.

The customer needed carbon-fiber twisted pairs with robust micro-terminations.

The Solution

Minnesota Wire worked with Kappametrics to design and produce custom carbon-loaded material. We created extremely small wires of carbon-fiber twisted pairs for robust terminal connectivity of the electrodes. The design, for a revolutionary skullcap device, ensured:

Guaranteed radio-translucence

A robust interconnect assembly for long product life

Zero-failure signal integrity due to dynamic in-process, in-house testing

Our Capabilities

Completed Wire and Cable Assembly


We cut the wire to the desired length on a wire-cutting machine. The wires are then stripped to expose the metal. Next, the wires are fitted with terminals or connector housings. Finally, the cables are assembled and clamped together according to the design specifications.

Cable Coiling

We offer a wide variety of coiling constructions. Our coil cords are available in axial, tangent, and performed tails. Coil cords can be designed with controlled retraction force.


Our extrusion process creates a protective and aesthetic coating on a bare wire. The bare wire is pulled through the center of a die to create a colored, insulated jacket. This process is high volume and creates a continuous and consistent profile. Our fluoropolymer extrusion line allows for the insulation of wires and cables with aerospace qualified polymers. Please select Materials for a list of materials we extrude.

Fine Braiding

We braid round and flat shields. Our shields stop electromagnetic interference, block external noise, resist abrasion, increase overall pull and cut-through strength, and protect from fire.

Intelligent Cables

The integrated circuit and software on the circuit detect the charging requirements of the device into which the intelligent cable is plugged.


Insert molding enhances a cable assembly’s functionality, durability, and aesthetics. These enhancements are achieved by encasing areas of the cable assembly with plastics such as PVC, PP, TPEE, and TPR.

Overmolding allows for a strong bond between two different materials without the use of adhesives. We can overmold connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, yokes, and other applications.


We create functional prototypes. A working prototype gives you certainty in the design of your project. We can help you develop your custom design. We have years of experience designing for a myriad of applications. We can source the necessary materials to develop and manufacture your product. We can do it all in our facilities.

Robotic Termination

We can robotically terminate wires with the use of our MTX machine. This automated process offers significant cost savings for high-volume products that do not require custom terminations and overmolding.

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Fill out the form, and a member of our team will be in touch to assist.

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