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Custom Surgical Wire and Surgical Cable for Electrosurgery

Minnesota Wire offers a full line of low-current custom surgical wires and cables designed and manufactured specifically for electrosurgery, including disposable and reusable surgical wires. We specialize in electrical cable and wire assemblies used in control units, laparoscopic tools, electrocoagulation, and other medical applications. Minnesota Wire custom manufactures:

Reusable and disposable surgical wires and cables to meet the specific needs of your application

Surgical cables with coagulating tips for use in both monopolar and bipolar electrosurgeries

Surgical cable assemblies for various coagulating tip configurations

Our electrosurgical lead cables are durable, shockproof, and patient-safe. They can be sterilized via gamma, ETO, or autoclave processes. Reusable models are designed to stand up to repeated sterilization, ensuring a long working life in nearly any application. Fluid-tight overmolding is available for easy cleaning.

Customizable Surgical Cables

Electrosurgery Wire and Cable 2
Electrosurgical Unit

All our surgical cables and cable assemblies are manufactured from top quality, FDA-approved medical-grade materials. We offer a variety of material options. We customize surgical cables and assemblies to match your material requirements. Select your conductor materials, insulation, jacketing, connectors, and other features to create electric cables that meet the unique performance requirements of your electrosurgical unit.

Our expert design engineers are available to help you develop the perfect custom solution. Whatever your surgical wire or cable project requires, Minnesota Wire can design and manufacture a custom product to match your requirements. 

Electrosurgical Wire and Cable Features

Highly customizable to meet your unique requirements

Customizable material options

Reusable and disposable versions

Available with monopolar or bipolar coagulating surgical tips

Available with corresponding cable assemblies

Sterilize with gamma, ETO, or autoclave



Made from FDA-approved medical-grade materials

Electrosurgery Wire and Cable 3

Low-Noise Mini Med

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more or request a quote for surgical cables and wires for your electrosurgical unit.


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