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Drug Delivery Systems

Medical Cable Harness Systems and Wire for Drug Delivery and Patient Monitoring

Minnesota Wire offers a complete range of medical wire and medical cable harness system options for drug delivery systems and pain management applications. Our cable assemblies are widely used in medical dispensing systems, electro-stimulation machines, body-worn patient monitoring devices, and a variety of other medical products. Our products are USP/ISO 10993 Compliant.

If your project requires custom medical wires or a custom medical cable harness system for a drug delivery device, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the solution you need. For 50 years, we have specialized in cable and harness assemblies for the medical industry.

Drug Delivery System

Customized Nurse Call

Medical Cables and Cable Harness Solutions

ECG Electrode Leads

We offer solutions for a number of body-worn patient monitoring and drug delivery systems, including ECG (Holter) systems. ECG systems measure and record heart activity.

Medical Cables and Cable Harness Features

Extended Durability

Fluid-Proof Requirements

High Flexibility with Exceptional Flex Life

Low Elongation

Low Noise

Medical-Grade Materials

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