Defense and Military Products Overview

Military Cables and MIL-SPEC Cable Assemblies

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Through our Minnesota Defense division, Minnesota Wire has gained extensive experience in producing MIL-SPEC cables and MIL-SPEC cable assemblies for the defense industry. Our ruggedized and overmolded communication cables are combat-proven in harsh environments ranging from the theater of war to outer space.

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Ruggedized and Overmolded MIL-SPEC Cable Assembly

Connector saver reduces the need for multiple connectors, saving cost and weight.

Innovation in Military Cables, Military Wire, and MIL-SPEC Cable Assemblies

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Custom Molded and Ruggedized Connectors

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Pinless Ruggedized Connectors

Our Innovations Include:

Improving performance and reducing weight on both legacy and new-design products

Redesign of old connectors and overmolded communications cable products to meet modern military standards for improved durability, EMI shielding, and waterproofing

Minimizing and eliminating electromagnetic interference (EMI) from close-proximity electronics in complex ensembles and suites

Optimizing connector count in military cables to eliminate redundancy, thereby improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving space utilization

Providing high-volume robotic production to support R&D programs

Minnesota wire is a leading innovator in EMI shielding, military wire, MIL-SPEC cables, and MIL-SPEC cable assemblies.

We Specialize In:

Weight Reduction

Space Conservation

Design Updates

EMI Shielding

Designing for Strength

ISO-Certified Military Wire and Military Cables

Minnesota Wire is an ISO-certified supplier to critical defense programs. We support MIL-SPEC cable design and manufacturing for:

Aircraft, Satellite, and Aerospace Applications (AS9100C)

Soldier-Borne Systems


Vehicle and Aircraft Systems

Ruggedized MIL-SPEC Cable Assemblies

Metal-Free iStealth® Series Communication Cable

Improved Performance and Weight Reduction Solutions

Completely Custom Defense Applications

MIL-SPEC Manufacturing Certifications

The U.S. Department of Defense requires certifications and their continued maintenance to qualify as a MIL-SPEC manufacturer. Minnesota Wire maintains all necessary certifications pertaining to the manufacturing of MIL-SPEC cables and MIL-SPEC cable assemblies. These include:

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

AS 9100 D Certified

ISO 13485: 2016 Compliant

RoHS Compliant

IPC-620 Harness Certified

ITAR Registered

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more or request a quote for military cables, military wire, overmolded communications cables, and MIL-SPEC cable assemblies.


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