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Custom Medical Wire, Cable, and Cable and Connector Assemblies

Minnesota Wire is an industry-leading medical cable manufacturer. We produce a wide range of cables and wire for the medical market. We work with small and large companies—from established medical device OEMs to start-ups.
We will assist you in one or every phase of your project, depending upon your needs. We produce everything from prototypes for testing to mass-production of final custom cable assemblies and wire.
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Improvements in technology allow for more of the functionality of a device to be incorporated into the cable assemblies. Terminating, sealing, and overmolding PCBAs is challenging and requires unique materials, tool design, and processing. Minnesota Wire has the experience and capability to overmold PCBAs effectively.

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Custom and Overmolded AED Connectors, PCBAs, and Simulator Pads

Successful custom-cable assembly manufacturing requires the correct cable design, tool design, material choice, and processing methods. Minnesota Wire has designed thousands of cables, overmolds, and assemblies ranging from the most simplistic to very complex.

Quality Materials Make Quality Products

Even the most advanced manufacturing processes and custom-engineered designs are not enough to create the kind of high-quality products customers have come to expect from Minnesota Wire. To produce custom wire, custom cables, and custom cable assemblies that meet our customers’ high expectations, we use only the highest-quality materials.

We work with a wide range of materials, and will work with you to determine the best material choices for your product’s performance requirements. Numerous material options are available for every component of your custom product.

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Muscle Stimulation Coil Cords

Minnesota Wire manufactures a wide array of custom coil cords and coil cord assemblies. The conductor, shielding, insulation, and jacketing material all play a critical role in how the coil cord will perform.  From soft (easy to extend) coil cords to rugged (must always retract) coil cords, we know the proper material choices.

Custom Manufacturing Because Every Project is Unique
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Patient Monitoring System, Blood Oxygen Counter
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Patient Monitoring System, Blood Oxygen Counter
We specialize in developing custom connector assemblies used in patient-monitoring systems and wearable electronics such as EKG leads and defibrillators. After five decades as a medical cable manufacturer, we know that a solution that works perfectly for one application may not work for another. Every project is unique! While others in our industry may offer stock or off-the-shelf products with a few customizable options, Minnesota Wire offers only custom cables and cable assemblies. We will work with you to create the perfect custom wires, cables, and cable assemblies for your medical devices. Whether you have a finalized CAD file or just a rough idea in mind, we can turn your designs into tangible products that match your unique specifications. Our in-house tooling and rapid prototyping capabilities provide us the ability to produce first articles and quickly make any necessary adjustments. Our in-house production facility can extrude custom cable and overmold specialty connectors for superior durability and longevity. We use lean manufacturing practices to make high-volume production runs as fast and efficient as possible.

We will manage your project every step of the way—from the initial design stages through final production. We will deliver top quality custom medical wires, cables, and cable assemblies.

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Defibrillator Leads and Connectors, AED Adapter Cables

Minnesota Wire manufactures a variety of custom adapter cables allowing customers to connect their products to other devices in the industry. Through custom overmold tool design, we add features for improved strength and longevity.

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more or request a quote for custom medical cables and medical cable assemblies.


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