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Custom Medical Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

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Minnesota Wire has been designing, testing, and manufacturing custom wire, cable, and cable assemblies for the medical industry since 1968. Custom medical products are our primary focus and largest market segment. We serve customers ranging from start-ups to industry leaders.
We welcome the opportunity to assist you with the design and production of your custom medical wires, cables, and cable assemblies.
Medical Wire, Cable, and Device Manufacturing
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Our in-house tooling department can match or custom build nearly any mold.

Minnesota Wire’s engineering and tooling departments can reverse-engineer any product and fabricate the required mold tooling for overmolding.

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Overmolded Connectors

When a standard off-the-shelf connector will not meet performance expectations and requirements, Minnesota Wire can provide a unique solution including custom overmolded connectors.

Complete Electrical Solutions

We offer complete electrical solutions, from jacketing extrusion to wire termination to custom connectors.

Our engineering department and R&D division enable us to develop new and innovative solutions for challenging medical wire and cable applications. Our test and measurement laboratories help ensure that every medical wire, cable, cable assembly, and connector meet or exceed your expectations.

In-House Tooling and Rapid Prototyping

We have in-house tooling and rapid prototyping capabilities to get new projects off the ground quickly and efficiently. Our high volume and lean production capabilities allow us to produce custom medical wire and custom cable assemblies in the quantities you require—in the time frame you need.
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ECG Lead Wire, 1.5mm Molded Safety Din to Dome Snap

Minnesota Wire manufactures both disposable and reusable versions.

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Custom and Reverse-Engineered Overmolded  Connectors

Minnesota Wire manufactures a variety of disposable high-quality defibrillator lead wires—when cost is extremely important but quality can never be compromised.

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Custom and Reverse-Engineered Overmolded AED Connectors

The contacts are standard off-the-shelf proven components molded into a custom connector shape. Minnesota Wire has the capability to cut, strip, and crimp with custom automation equipment for improved quality and lower costs.

Custom Medical Products Manufacturing

Minnesota Wire utilizes a variety of advanced manufacturing methods to produce custom cable assemblies, medical cables, and medical wire. We will work with you to develop the perfect custom solution for your unique needs. We offer an array of specialization capabilities and can deliver custom products for a broad spectrum of medical devices.

Product Specialization for Medical Cables and Wires


Ultra Flexible

High Flex Life



High Pull-Strength Jackets

Carbon Fiber Medical Wire (See “Carbon Fiber Wire for Imaging” on this page)

Low Elongation

Autoclave Ready

Low Noise

Medical-Grade Materials

Our Expertise Includes


Electrical Signal Integrity (SI) and EMI Shielding

Low-Noise Medical Wire and Cable

Innovative Connections for Wearable Electronics and Patient Monitoring Systems

Certifications and Compliances


ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ISO 13485: 2016 Compliant

AS 9100: D Certified

RoHS Compliant

IPC-620 Harness Certified

MIL-STD Manufacturer

Custom Medical Devices and Equipment

Carbon Fiber Wire for Imaging


Developed for the disposable AED electrode market, these specialized wires are barely visible on x-ray and other imaging equipment. This eliminates the need to remove electrode wires from the patient before imaging, providing an invaluable safeguard to the patient without negatively impacting results.

Additional Features and Characteristics

Flexible and Lightweight

Small Bend Radii

Good Low-Signal Transmission Capability


Does Not Adhere to Skin

Made with Medical-Grade, RoHS-Compliant PVC

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