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Cable, Wire, and Assemblies for Patient Monitoring Systems

Cable, Wire, and Assemblies For Patient Monitoring Systems 1
Patient-to-Monitor Cable Assembly 

Custom EMG patient cable for measuring the amount of trauma a patient has incurred to muscles.  The signals are so small that any noise in the cable will interfere with the monitoring. Special low-noise materials are used in the cable and terminations to reduce noise.

Minnesota Wire offers a broad range of customizable cable harnesses and medical cable assemblies for patient monitoring systems. We provide complete assistance throughout your entire project—from cable design through product validation. Our custom cable-to-monitor connectors and cable harness systems provide patient comfort, excellent body ergonomics, and safety in high-risk environments. All of our cable assemblies for patient monitoring systems comply with RoHS standards. We provide custom solutions to match your specifications—whether your project is simple or complex. 
Custom Patient Cables and Cable Harness Systems

Our design engineers will work with you to develop the perfect medical cable harness systems and cable-to-monitor connectors for your patient monitoring systems.

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At-Home Patient Monitoring Cables

Technology has allowed for many monitoring devices to be taken home for extended patient monitoring.  Cable assemblies that are worn by patients for extended periods of time at home have unique requirements.  They must be soft, flexible, and rugged.  Minnesota Wire can choose the correct materials for effective at-home patient monitoring and patient comfort.

Cable, Wire, and Assemblies For Patient Monitoring Systems 3
Patient Monitoring Cable with Overmolded PCB-A Electronics

Advancements in the technology of monitoring patients can require unique approaches to connecting to patients.  We work with our customers’ engineers to provide concepts, prototypes, and test data to develop the correct custom cable design for each application.

Made Smart. Made Right.

Every product we make at Minnesota Wire is produced through lean manufacturing techniques. We are committed to continuous improvement in our processes, our products, and our people. Our design engineers can help you identify procedures to make your cable-to-monitor connectors or cable harness systems more efficient and less expensive to manufacture.

Choosing the Right Materials

Our products are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. We have a wide range of construction materials and components available, allowing you to customize nearly every aspect of the medical cable or cable harness system you need. Our team will help you determine which combination will provide the best performance, reliability, and longevity for your application. As needed, Minnesota Wire can help you select the right materials for your project.

Conductors Connectors Wire Terminations Insulation Mold Materials Jacket Materials Extrusion Materials Wrap Type Filler Shielding ROHS, DEHP-Free, and BPA-Free options are also available on request.

Our Capabilities

Minnesota Wire has 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom medical cable harness systems. We have the expertise to create custom products that meet or exceed the strict requirements of patient monitoring systems. We will deliver the perfect patient cables and harness systems for your application.

Cable Coiling Overmolding (as needed) Custom Cables Custom Cable and Wire Termination Bulk Wire in Multiple Configurations

Low-Noise Designs. Quality Construction.

Minnesota Wire offers low-noise designs for all of our custom medical cable harness systems. Our low-noise designs are evaluated using the ANSI/AAMI EC53 5.5.4 standard noise test. We can supply low-noise patient cables in customized designs that meet the challenging diametrical specifications for patient monitoring systems.

Our custom medical cable assemblies and harness systems are made from in-house extruded carbon-loaded plastics, wraps, blended materials, and additives. Our cables exhibit high durability under flexure and minimize triboelectric effect in low-level signal applications, making them the ideal cables for patient monitoring systems.

Contact Minnesota Wire to learn more or request a quote for custom cables, connectors, or cable harness systems.


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