MN Wire Featured in Journal as a Manufacturer Giving Back The Wire Association International recognized Minnesota Wire as a ‘manufacturer giving back’ in their online journal in December. In the Wire Journal News, MN Wire was lauded as “A 54-year-old family-owned business that specializes in manufacturing wire for defense and medical markets, cites ‘community’ as […]

An engineer designing a cable assembly

Due to the complexity of modern engineering design and the technological landscape shifting so rapidly, manufacturer’s experience challenges familiarizing themselves with every innovation and advancement in every aspect of their product creation.

An attorney signing a patent application form
Manufacturing Day Presentation in a large hall filled with college students

Held each year on the first Friday of October and extended throughout the entire month of October, it is a celebration of the modern manufacturing landscape, demonstrating the advanced techniques and methodologies used by thousands of companies across the nation.

Large assembly and manufacturing facility

The last two years have been globally brutal for the manufacturing industry. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced unprecedented supply chain interruptions, natural disasters, and shortages which created the perfect storm of delays and increased costs nearly across the board.

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A Corporate Board Room