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Minnesota Wire is an Industry Leader in Custom Wire and Cable Manufacturing.

Over the moon. Around the world. Under the ground. In the ocean. Inside the human body. Wire! It powers our lives. It connects our horizons. It plays a critical role in saving lives.

Wire is transforming our world. It is morphing what was once science fiction into reality. At Minnesota Wire we are passionate about the development of new wire technologies. We have an entire division, Minnovate, dedicated to research and development.

We are committed to research and development because we know that it not only opens up new technologies—it gives us unique insights into the solutions required now. It expands our thinking. It allows us to bring new and creative solutions to today’s projects.

Our research and development teams work with our engineers. This collaborative effort flattens boundaries and allows us to think in unbounded ways. We are not afraid to jump over the moon. We are undaunted by the depth of the ocean. We thumb our nose at “impossible.”

We bring this attitude to everything we do. We excel at custom solutions.

We are groundbreakers in electrical signal integrity, low-noise cable, and radio-translucent wire. We have designed and manufactured innovative connections for wearable electronics, patient monitoring systems, and leading-edge medical devices.

Our Minnesota Defense division has been the lead on a vast array of key military projects. Military projects have included ground, air, space, and soldier-borne systems.

We dive deep into the ocean. We fly high in the sky. We orbit the earth. We are shielding specialists. We are ruggedized cable warriors. We are overmolding masters. We will produce your bulk wire at the speed of light.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, ISO 13485: 2016 compliant, AS 9100 D certified, and ROHS compliant. We are a MIL-STD and IPC-620 certified harness manufacturer.

Our specialty? You and your project. We will analyze your project from over, under, around, and inside. We will deliver a superior product at a competitive price. We will jump over the moon to make you happy. We want to be your partner when you are in search of a solution.

Paul Wagner Honored as an Entrepreneur of the Year

Some history about Minnesota Wire, and Chairman and CEO, Paul Wagner. The article appeared in Twin Cities Business when Paul was honored as an Entrepreneur of the Year.

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St. Paul, Minnesota, Headquarters, Technology Development: 28,000 square feet, 60 employees, Four Labs, AS9100 Certified

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Eau Claire Wisconsin, Manufacturing Center: 88,000 square feet, 150 employees, Lean Lines and Focused Cells

Minnesota Wire is a privately owned custom wire and cable manufacturer. The Wagner family has owned and operated Minnesota Wire since 1968. The company has transformed from a bulk cable manufacturer to an industry leader in custom wire and cable manufacturing. Minnesota Wire excels in cable assemblies, R&D, testing, and design engineering.

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We excel at custom solutions.


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Minnesota Wire

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Minnesota Wire

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